In the Beginning

Allan HalbertThe symphony was originally formed in 2007 under the guidance and direction of Allan Halbert.  Initially known as Starlight Symphony, Dr. Halbert thought the orchestra’s goal should be to offer something different from “the norm.” Consequently, Starlight’s repertoire encompassed a wide variety of music, including unique and rarely heard works along with new, never before performed works.  Dr. Halbert sought to engage and involve the audience whenever possible, and to share the history behind each piece of music. Beyond the typical symphonic ensemble, Starlight performances have been known to include salsa dancers, chorale groups, opera singers, and rock instrumentation with electronic instruments.

In 2012, Dr. Halbert relocated out of state with his family after spending five years at the helm of our orchestra.

The New Symphony

After a lengthy selection process, the symphony Board of Directors chose Mark Perlman as Dr. Halbert’s able replacement.  Dr. Perlman brings with him a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, and is committed to continuing the legacy of Starlight in our new incarnation as Tualatin Valley Symphony.

Symphony players join us from around the Portland metropolitan area to perform with our orchestra, and our members’ commitment to learning, evolving, and enjoyment of playing is evident in every performance!